Our Team

Experience, compassion, patience and stability are the qualities needed to ensure excellent care for our elders who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, autonomy and other health risks. At Manoir Oka, we are fully aware of health concerns and issues and our senior’s needs and interests matter to us. We are also very proud to be able to count on a team made up of several members who have worked at Manoir Oka for 15-20-25 and even 30 years!



General Manager

In 2007, during his college studies, Cody volunteered at Manoir Oka with a desire and passion to help seniors with cognitive losses and to focus and assure meaningful quality of life for them. Overall, his concern was for the physical and mental well-being of our elders. In 2012, Cody completed his bachelor’s degree, in law, at Université de Sherbrooke and is a member of the Barreau du Québec. His education, experience and inspiration gave him the opportunity to skillfully manage Manoir Oka in January 2015. Cody continues to go to conferences and workshops concerning neurodegenerative diseases, as he believes that all employees at Manoir Oka should have practical and theoretical knowledge on this topic.

Manoir Oka - Annie

Annie Julien

Director of Nursing

Member of the Order of Nurses of Quebec since 1998, Annie quickly decided to devote her profession to gerontology. It was in 2003 that she joined the Manoir Oka as a licensed nurse. Over the years, Annie has been able to develop her skills, both as a nurse and as a leader with her team. She is highly appreciated for her human approach and her determination to offer her residents the best care possible. It was in 2019 that Annie proudly took over as Director of Nursing at Manoir Oka.


The Manoir Oka wouldn’t be what it is today without the hard work, determination and skill put forth by Raynald and Nadine for nearly 20 years. Prior to establishing the Manoir Oka in 2000, both Nadine Bonnet and Raynald Jean practiced nursing for over 30 years in hospitals and clinics, during which they acquired skills in various medical specialties, including surgery, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, intensive care and neurology.

Manoir Oka Raynald

Raynald Jean


Raynald has worked as a nurse both in Europe and in Canada. He acquired his extensive experience at renowned hospitals and clinics such as Centre hospitalier universitaire Vaudois (Intensive Care unit), Clinique Médico-chirurgicale de Génolier (Intensive Care) and Institut Lavigny in Switzerland (Neurology), as well as the Montreal General Hospital (Intensive Care unit and Operating Room). Raynald passionately managed the Manoir Oka until passing the torch to Cody, his son-in-law, in 2015. Although retired from nursing, Raynald still loves to spend time helping and discussing with our residents.

Manoir Oka Nadine

Nadine Bonnet


After completing her studies in France, Nadine worked in various institutions and hospitals, including the Neurology department at Institut Lavigny in Switzerland, the Surgery department at Clinique Cécil de Lausanne, the Intensive Care unit at Centre hospitalier universitaire Vaudois, and in Cardiac Surgery at Clinique La Résidence du Parc in France. Nadine acted as Director of nursing for over 18 years, during which she insured our excellent quality of care. Today, Nadine is retired from nursing but she remains readily available to give precious advice on all sorts of matters.


Manoir Oka - Gisèle


Charlie has been visiting Manoir Oka since he was a puppy. He amuses himself by making all our residents laugh.

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